Technical Guidelines

Here are the technical guidelines for implementing our solutions.
Main Platform

Holoportation Devices:
  • The primary platform for running AnalogAI digital humans is holoportation devices, which provide a highly immersive and interactive experience.
Alternative Platforms:
  • Digital Signage Monitors: AnalogAI digital humans can also be run on digital signage monitors, offering flexibility in deployment.
  • Other Monitors: Our solutions are compatible with various types of monitors, ensuring versatility for different environments.

Installation and Maintenance
Installation Services:
  • AnalogAI ensures the installation of holoportation devices and servers necessary to run our digital human applications.
  • Our team provides comprehensive installation services tailored to the specific requirements of each location.
Maintenance Services:
  • We offer ongoing maintenance of the digital human application to ensure seamless operation and optimal performance.
  • Regular updates and technical support are provided to address any issues promptly.

Installation Costs:
  • The cost of installation varies based on the location and specific requirements of the deployment.
  • For a detailed cost estimate, please contact our sales team to discuss your project's needs and receive a customized quote.
By following these technical guidelines, businesses can successfully integrate AnalogAI’s digital humans and holoportation devices, creating engaging and interactive customer experiences.

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