Analog humans are digital beings created using computer graphics and artificial intelligence. The long term vision is that as the amount of data, we are processing every day grows tremendously, we will need clones, that would process the information while we sleep and would represent us on video conference calls.
The another use case of Analog humans are digital employees, they can be showcased as holograms at shopping malls or airports along with your product.

  • Easy training
    No need of tedious written communication, just share your thoughts and even links and Analog human will explore the topics
  • Cognitive capabilities
    Human-like cognitive capabilities, which leads to natural human-like communication
  • Emotions & Mood
    Both positive and negative emotions and mood, giving digital humans authentic personalities
Explanatory Video
What it is and how does it work
Training Analog humans take few seconds, you can just share your documents, presentations, website links, etc.
Emotional Intelligence
They express both positive and negative emotions and authentically charm people.
One of the main focus of AnalogAI since its beginning was photorealistic graphics.
Latest Events
Analog humans have been exposed at prominent Digital Fashion Week Milan. The event was held at Factory NoLo (Home of Emotions) on February 29, 2024. In the future, Analog humans will dress in digital clothes as we do IRL.
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