Asynchronous Communication Assistants
Analog humans are digital beings, mainly designed as assistants for asynchronous communication with video conference calls while working remotely. It mainly addresses the timezone problem. Imagine it's Friday evening and you want to spend time with friends but have a team meetup, or you are the only one, living in certain timezone and have to break nights, to attend meetup calls. You can simply share your progress with Analog human and he or she will attend the call instead of you.
  • Easy training
    No need of tedious written communication, just share your thoughts and even links and Analog human will explore the topics
  • Cognitive capabilities
    Human-like cognitive capabilities, to seamlessly integrate like real humans on video conference calls
  • Emotions & Mood
    Emotional intelligence will ensure the seamless integration of Analog human in team conversations and naturally follow the flow of the conversation
Explanatory Video
What it is and how does it work
You can share your progress, issues and alternative solutions, along with documentation links. Analog human will read the documentation and deeply understand the topics before the call.
Emotional Intelligence
They express both positive and negative emotions and authentically charm people.
Latest Events
Analog humans have been exposed at prominent Digital Fashion Week Milan. The event was held at Factory NoLo (Home of Emotions) on February 29, 2024. In the future, Analog humans will dress in digital clothes as we do IRL.
The digital human interface, unlike the other popular solutions, doesn't solely rely on audio, but has its emotion module, for that reason, the uncanny valley problem is being solved.
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