Based on extensive research in artificial intelligence, particularly in symbolic AI, the app focuses on emotional intelligence and reasoning. Giorgi Badzaghua, the founder of AnalogAI, has been a long-time believer in artificial general intelligence (AGI) and has dedicated around four years to personal research projects in this field.

The name AnalogAI comes from the concept of analog reasoning, originating from the idea that information in digital form is hard for humans to interpret, and as information capacity grows, this problem becomes more pronounced.
It is fascinating to observe, that even analog processors are emerging, suggesting that computers might soon think in a manner similar to humans.

Despite computers being significantly more intelligent in certain aspects, the human brain consumes the same amount of energy as a light bulb, which remains unattainable for computers.

The initial version of the app consists of 225 blocks, with large-scale apps typically comprising 100 blocks.

The core of the app is anthropomorphic features, including self-confidence, mood, emotions, and people recognition.

While the long-term vision is to address the uncanny valley, practical challenges like handling small domain-specific data provided by vendors were also tackled, as popular NLP approaches, particularly transformers, are tailored for large datasets.

Ongoing research is a significant part of the project, and AnalogAI is actively seeking contributors and new team members who share an enthusiasm for advancing this innovative work.

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