Problems we solve

At AnalogAI, we address key challenges faced by brands and customers in shopping malls and airports.
Main Problem

Brands' Communication Challenges:
  • Informing Buyers: Brands in shopping malls often struggle to efficiently inform their buyers about discounts and new products.
Navigation Difficulties:
  • Customer Navigation: Navigating shopping malls and airports can be difficult for new customers, leading to frustration and a suboptimal shopping experience.

Our Solutions
Holographic Screens:
  • Product Showcasing: AnalogAI utilizes holographic screens to showcase products in an engaging and visually appealing manner.
Digital Human Sales Associates:
  • Interactive Assistance: Our digital humans serve as sales associates or consultants, providing real-time assistance and answering customers' questions about products and services.
By leveraging cutting-edge AI and holographic technology, AnalogAI enhances customer experience and streamlines communication for brands, making shopping malls and airports more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

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