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Welcome to AnalogAI Investor Relations
At AnalogAI, we are pioneering the future of artificial intelligence with a mission to develop cutting-edge solutions that push the boundaries of technology and enhance human capabilities. Our journey is driven by innovation, dedication, and a commitment to making a significant impact in the AI industry.

Why Invest in AnalogAI?
  • Visionary Leadership: Our founder, Giorgi Badzaghua, has been a long-time believer in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and has dedicated over four years to the research of AnalogAI. His visionary approach guides our strategic direction.
  • Innovative Projects: We are currently developing an AI app with 225 blocks, focusing on anthropomorphic features like self-confidence, mood, emotions, and people recognition. Our projects are at the forefront of AI research, tackling challenges in handling small domain-specific data that popular NLP approaches like LLMs struggle with.

Looking for Strategic Investors
We are actively seeking strategic investors who share our passion for innovation and have experience with high-tech startups. Ideal candidates will bring not only capital but also valuable insights, industry connections, and strategic guidance to help us accelerate our growth and achieve our ambitious goals.

What We Offer to Investors
  • Equity and Potential Returns: As an early-stage company, we offer attractive equity shares that present significant potential returns as we grow and scale our operations.
  • Collaborative Partnership: We believe in building strong, collaborative relationships with our investors. Your expertise and advice will be highly valued as we navigate the challenges and opportunities in the AI industry.
  • Cutting-Edge Research and Development: Be part of a company that is at the forefront of AI research, developing solutions that can transform industries and improve lives.

Join Us on Our Journey
If you are a strategic angel investor with experience in high-tech startups and a passion for artificial intelligence, we would love to hear from you. Join us on our journey to revolutionize the AI landscape and create solutions that make a difference.

Contact Us
For more information about investment opportunities with AnalogAI, please contact us at:
We look forward to exploring potential partnerships and welcoming you to the AnalogAI family.

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